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Fuel Efficiency Conversion

Online Fuel Efficiency or Fuel Economy Conversion: converts between metric and English fuel efficiency units for hybrid cars or other vehicles.
Input the quantity you would like to convert in the first input box, select the units to convert, and the result will appear in the second input box immediately. It accepts scientific notation.

liters/100 kilometers (L/100 km)

liters/100 kilometers (L/100 km)


1. Definition of fuel efficiency:

Fuel Efficiency is the proportion of energy released in the process of a fuel combustion, which is finally converted into useful work. It is usually used as a parameter to value the performance of a car or other vehicles.

2. Two ways to express fuel efficiency:

One is units of fuel per fixed distance, such as gallons/100 kilometers (gal/100 km) and miles/gallon[US] (MPG).

The other is units of distance per fixed fuel unit, such as kilometers/gallon (km/gal), kilometers/litre (km/L), miles/litre (mi/L).

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