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Show My IP Adress

This tool helps to find out your IP address or IP location. An IP address serves two principal functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing.

Your IP Address Is:

1. What is an IP Address:

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a exclusive numerical label that is assigned to devices participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communicating with each other.

2. The role of an IP Address:

The role of An Internet Protocol (IP) address can been characterized as: a name indicates what to seek, an address indicates where the target is and a route indicates how to get the target.

3. IP Version 4:

IP address was first designed as a 32-bit (4-byte) number, known as IP Version 4 or IPv4. This system is used by most network devices today. The limitation of IPv4 is 4,294,967,296 (232) unique addresses.

4. IP Version 6:

Due to the enormous growth of the internet, IPv4 IPs are running out quickly, and a new addressing system was developed to solve this problem. This new system, known as IP Version 6 or IPv6, uses a 128-bit (16-byte) number, which provides the potential for a maximum of 2128 unique addresses.

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